Zante is one of the more popular Greek Islands and has long been visited by overseas travellers.

Lush countryside, rolling hills and popular beaches await those who chose Zante for their HOT Holiday in the sun, with the island being home to a range of accommodation that caters for couples, families and groups alike.

As you would expect from a Mediterranean island, the weather is a major selling point when considering Zante for break particularly during the peak season months at the height of summer.

Then, average temperatures will often break 30 degrees, but even during the winter it remains comfortably in the teens – even though rain is always a possibility.

Zante has plenty of beaches along its impressive coastline, offering plenty of opportunities to lie back and enjoy the sun.

Arguably the most famous is Smuggler’s Cove, which an only be accessed by boat thanks to the soaring cliffs that surround it but rewards those who pay a visit with clear white sands and stunning blue waters.

From the top of those cliffs, as is the case at various locations around the island, there is the chance to marvel at views across the surrounding seas.

The coast of Zante is also known for being a prime spot for viewing Loggerhead Turtles; most notably around Laganas Bay which is an important breeding ground for the species.

Laganas is also popular for its various bars and restaurants with Zante Town being the place to go if shopping is your thing thanks to the various boutiques and stores that sell anything and everything you could wish for.

  • Destination Info
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Greek

Resorts in Zante