Majorca is the largest island in the Balearics so it should therefore come as little surprise that it is also the most popular with foreign visitors wanting to enjoy a Mediterranean break.

Stunning sandy beaches are to be found across the island, with the favourable weather conditions meaning you can lie back and top up your sun tan no matter what the time of year may be.

In fact, even in the height of winter, Majorca is a great option for escaping the less favourable weather conditions back home.

The clear blue waters to be found around the south of the island may be particularly appealing but Majorca isn’t just about the coastal regions.

Head inland to found stunning mountain regions and dramatic landscapes that showcase the other side of Majorca; a side that you’d be well advised to check out whilst you visit.

Whether you are ready for a night out in Magaluf, want to marvel at the gothic architecture of Palma or fancy a trip to one of six waterparks, you’re sure to enjoy a Majorcan adventure.

You just need to decide when, and where, to go.

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  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Spanish