Santorini has been shaped by volcanic activity and the unique landscapes that have been left behind have helped the island to become a popular destination for those heading for the Mediterranean in search of some summer sun.

A huge volcanic eruption thousands of years ago led to the centre of the island being lost forever to the sea, and left behind the dramatic crater on which modern day Santorini now sits.

The steep edged caldera that remains provides a spectacular sight for anyone arriving in Santorini by sea and also affords stunning views out across the ocean for those who find themselves on the island.

In particular, the views from capital city Thira are nothing short of mesmerising; with the city famed for the picture-postcard appearance of traditional whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches.

In fact, they provide images that are recognisable all over the world and which have long been a selling point for Santorini as a tourist destination.

Within the city, there are a number of museums that help to tell the history of the island alongside a selection of cafes, restaurants and bars that showcase the best in local cuisine.

One thing that you shouldn’t expect to find on Santorini is golden sands however, with the volcanic make-up of the island providing visitors with beaches made up of more grey and red.

It all adds to the unique appeal of a magical island with a character all of its own.

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  • Language: Greek

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