Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean that has long been regarded as a dream destination for a HOT Holiday overseas.

Around 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa, Mauritius is a true paradise destination where you can make the most of top quality beaches and fantastic weather to enjoy a fun-fuelled break in the sun.

Unlike some of the other Indian Ocean destinations, Mauritius is also a great option for families as well as for couples, with plenty of things to see and do during your trip.

A major draw for the island is that the weather is good no matter when you decide to travel, with the highest temperatures coming between November and May when you can expect to see the mercury hitting over 30.

Even when things cool off during the traditional ‘summer’ months, the mid-20s remains the norm.

Whilst there is a wet season, the levels of precipitation are noticeably lower than on many of the other Indian Ocean islands and any showers tend to be quite sharp but pass quickly.

Relaxation is very much the order of the day for many people who visit Mauritius, with picture postcard beaches on which to lie back under the sun before taking a refreshing dip in the warm waters off the coast.

However, there are very much two sides to an island that is packed with history and culture, and you’ll certainly not find yourself short of things to do.

Anyone with a love of diving can embrace coral reefs packed with marine life in the waters off the coast, whilst high mountains and luscious rainforests inland are home to a wide range of different species and vibrant colours at every turn.

You can also enjoy a round of golf, haggle for a bargain in the local markets and sample an eclectic mix of top quality cuisine that offers flavours of India, African, Europe and the Far East.

If you are looking for a little taste of heaven, a trip to Mauritius might just be what you need.

  • Destination Info
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee
  • Language: French & English

Head underwater

The waters around Mauritius are a great place to try your hand at snorkeling thanks to the various reefs that line the coast. You don’t have to be an expert either, with plenty to reward complete amateurs who simply want to see if they can spot the varied marine life. Those who enjoy diving can head for the west coast, where many of the top dive sites are located.


A district to the north west of Mauritius, Pamplemousses is home to the SSR Botanical Garden – which is the oldest garden of its type in the southern hemisphere. The huge water lilies are arguably the biggest attraction amongst a huge array of different plants, with a stroll through the gardens being the ideal way in which to relax away from the beach.

Hit the shops

Head for the capital Port Louis and you’ll be able to sample some of the best shopping on the island, with a selection of top class stores on the stretch around the marina and a large market where you can do your best to haggle for a bargain.

Rhumerie de Chamarel

Think of rum and you’d probably think of the Caribbean, but the island of Mauritius is another place where you can sample some of the very best rum there is. Head for Rhumerie de Chamarel and you can explore a rare distillery that still cultivates its own sugarcane to then use producing top quality rum that is famous around the world.

Explore the jungles

You might have chosen Mauritius for the beaches, but there is something special about heading inland to explore the jungle interior of the island. Explore a myriad of different walking trails through impressive national parks and scale tall peaks to embrace stunning views across the island landscape. The Black River Gorges National Park is one place you should certainly visit.

Play a round

Mauritius is home to a number of impressive golf course that make it something of a hidden gem for those who enjoy the game. Whilst the likes of the Algarve tend to be the most popular options for golfers heading overseas, with courses like Heritage Golf Club, home to the Mauritius Open, providing an interesting challenge.

Seven Coloured Earths

The Seven Coloured Earths are to be found to the south west of the island and are a collection of sand dunes comprising of seven distinct colours. One of the top tourist attractions, the dunes are protected to prevent people from walking across them, with a series of observation posts instead.

Grand Baie

The main tourist hub on the island, Grand Baie was once a small fishing village but is now home to a range of different bars and restaurants alongside a varied selection of hotels. It’s also the place where you’ll find the island aquarium; a surefire hit with the children.