There is no doubting the fact that Dubai is a fantastic destination for a holiday but it’s also one of the premier options for anyone thinking about a multi-centre trip.

That’s because Dubai is often used as a stopping point by airlines heading off to destinations across the globe, including destinations across the Far East, Africa and the Pacific.

Whilst in Dubai, you’ll have no shortage of things to do, as we’ve already touched on here on the website.

You might elect to head for Dubai’s huge shopping malls in search of a bargain, or may take in some of the many leisure activities - ranging from massive waterparks to an indoor ski slope.

Alternatively, you may wish to head out of the city to explore vast desert landscapes or may simply want to do nothing more than relax by the pool in your luxury hotel.

Should you want to extend your Dubai holiday to include time elsewhere on a multi-centre trip, then here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider…

Abu Dhabi:

There’s nothing to say you have to go far from Dubai on your multi-centre trip, and you could hit the road and take a short trip along the coast to Abu Dhabi to enhance your experience of the Middle East region.

Whilst the largest Emirate is known for the many modern skyscrapers that dominate the city landscape, you can also visit historical buildings like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or the Qasr al-Hosn fortress - which dates back to the late 1700s.

As in Dubai, there is no shortage of options if you want to go shopping in either huge malls or traditional souks, whilst Abu Dhabi is also home to a number of impressive theme parks that includes Ferrari World on Yas Island.


Your options are almost endless if you decide to head onwards from Dubai to explore Australia.

Home to the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Mountains and Uluru (better known as Ayers Rock), Australia is packed with scenic sites that are well worth exploring - the latter in particular given that you can head off on an Outback adventure to see a side to the country that many will miss.

Alternatively, you might head for big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to take in the sights, plan a relaxing break on the beaches along the Queensland coast or spend your time exploring the vineyards and scenic delights of South Australia.


After the hustle and bustle of modern day Dubai, you might want to spend some time relaxing on the beach and there are few places better for doing that than the Maldives.

Here, you can simply enjoy the experience of lying back on golden sandy beaches with a cocktail in hand doing absolutely nothing whilst the waves lap at the shore and trees rustle in the breeze.

If you want to add even more luxury to your Dubai trip, the Maldives is the place to go.


Another option for those who want to add even more luxury, Mauritius sits off the coast of Africa and is equally as popular as the Maldives for those seeking to book a multi-centre adventure.

Surrounded by impressive beaches and home to a large number of luxury five star hotels, Mauritius is also a haven for wildlife when you head away from the coastal areas to explore stunning waterfalls and verdant forests.

South Africa:

Rather than heading to an island off the coast, what about visiting South Africa itself? Head for Cape Town and you’ll be able to spend time exploring a truly cosmopolitan city that sits in one of the most dramatic locations imaginable under the shadow of Table Mountain.

Along the coast you can access some of the premier wine-growing regions but the big appeal of adding South Africa as the second leg of a multi-centre break with Dubai is the chance to go on safari to spot some of the most majestic creatures on the plant in their natural environments.


Our final suggestion - although there are plenty more besides - is Thailand, which remains one of the top destinations for anyone wanting to visit the Far East.

Spend time in Bangkok and you’ll be amazed by the many sights and sounds that await you in one of the busiest cities in the region, or alternatively head for the beach in somewhere like Koh Samui or Phuket where live is much more relaxed.

Regardless of what takes your fancy, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.