If ever there was a country that embodied what the Caribbean is all about, then Jamaica could just be it – so it should come as little surprise to see that the island such a popular option with overseas visitors.

Colourful, diverse and fascinating are just three words commonly used to describe Jamaica, with the chance to sample an eclectic mixture of cuisine, music, art and entertainment awaiting those who visit one the island for their HOT Holiday in the sun.

Being located in the heart of the Caribbean means Jamaica benefits from relatively balmy conditions throughout much of the year.

Although not as hot as some of the other islands in the height of summer, you can still expect to encounter temperatures that run into the early 30s during peak season, with the winter months seeing the mercury hover round the mid-20s.

Winter is the driest time to visit, although be aware of the fact that hurricane season runs from June through to November. Severe storms are rare however.

You shouldn’t be overly surprised by the fact that Jamaica is home to some impressive beaches, with plenty of stretches of stunning white sand that sits lined with palm trees and small beach bars where you can grab a drink whilst the sounds of reggae music drift on the breeze.

Jamaica is about more than just the areas around the coast however, with plenty more to be discovered if you explore away from the main beach resorts.

For a start, you could discover more about the culture and history of the island with a visit to the capital city Kingston, with the Bob Marley Museum, Emanciation Park and Fort Charles being three attractions to consider.

You could also sample the best in duty free shopping on a trip to Montego Bay, which is home to a number of services geared towards tourists given that it is a major destination for the large cruise ships that sail around the Caribbean throughout the year.

With the scenic sights around Ocho Rios, the opportunity to sample the best in Jamaican rum and to dance the night away to the sounds of traditional music floating, it’s clear to see why Jamaica holds such appeal.

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  • Currency: Jamaican Dollar
  • Language: English

Dunns Falls

Dunns Falls is located in Ocho Rios and is one of the top attractions on the island. The 600 foot long waterfall is made up of a number of cascades that plunge over limestone rocks, with a number of small pools in between. If you don’t want to get wet then fear not, there are paths that lead to the summit whilst there are also a number of cafes serving refreshments.

Dolphin Cove

The top marine attraction in Jamaica, Dolphin Cove is the place to go on the island if you want to swim with these majestic creatures – whilst you could also join sharks and stingrays in the water if you are feeling extra adventurous.

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain is home to a number of attractions that offer something to do for visitors of all ages. You could take to the skies above the rainforest in a state-of-the-art chairlift, take a ride on a bobsled down the mountainside or even take flight on a zip-line adventure through the tree tops.

Take in a carnival

Carnival season in Jamaica runs from January through to Easter and features a range of different activities – with the chance to dance to reggae music on the beach and to sample the best in local food and drinks.

Rum Tour

Jamaica is famous for rum, so the chance to take part in a tour around one of the estates where the drink is created is something you might want to consider. Embrace the opportunity to see the processes that are involved in creating your favourite tipple – and enjoy sampling it afterwards!

Seven Mile Beach

Amongst the many impressive beaches on the island of Jamaica, Seven Mile Beach is one of the best. Located near to Negril, there is – as the name suggests – mile-upon-mile of white sand on which you can lie back and embrace the sunshine whilst taking in stunning views of the ocean.

Bellefield Great House

Jamaica has a rich history based around plantations and you can take a tour of many of them during a trip to the island. Bellefield Great House is a prime example, being Jamaica’s oldest sugar plantation, and you can take a tour that allows you to see how sugar was created before a tour of the Great House itself.


The Jamaican capital is packed with things to see and do, and is certainly worth a visit during a trip to the island. You could pay a visit to historical monuments like Devon House and Emancipation Park, learn the story of Bob Marley at a museum dedicated to his life, hit local markets in search of a bargain or simply wander through the streets listening to reggae music as you go.