We’re back in the Caribbean this month as we explore some of the top destinations for a long haul holiday in the sun.

The islands in the region have long been a popular option for an overseas adventure and here, in part two of a two-part blog, we take a look at some of the reasons why with our Caribbean A-Z.

N is for National Park
The islands of the Caribbean are home to numerous National Parks; protected areas where work is ongoing to preserve scenic landscapes for future generations. The National Parks can be found on both land and water, featuring everything from towering mountain peaks to giant barrier reefs.

O is for Old
Whilst the Caribbean is now home to countless modern day, five star hotels featuring every mod-con, the islands are also home to centuries of history and culture. The opportunity to explore old towns and historical structures that date back hundreds of years - at least - is something to be embraced.

P is for Pigs
We’ve covered them in a previous blog, but the swimming pigs of the Bahamas are one of the unique attractions of the Caribbean and the chance to go and join them for a dip is an experience you certainly won’t encounter anywhere else.

Q is for Quiet
You won’t often get the chance to enjoy some truly quiet time on a holiday, even if you feel like you’ve chosen the most peaceful destination imaginable. However, head for an an island in the Caribbean and you’ll be able to head off the beaten track and find somewhere secluded that gives you the chance to enjoy your own company without fear of being interrupted.

R is for Romance
People talk about places like Paris and Venice as being the best places to head for a romantic break for two, but neither can match walking hand-in-hand along a secluded beach as the sun beats down and waves lap against the shore.

S is for Sweet
You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to enjoy a trip to the Caribbean - but it certainly won’t do you any harm. From locally produced rum to a myriad of tasty deserts, you’ll be able sample sweet treats aplenty.

T is for Turtles
Having already mentioned swimming with pigs, what about the opportunity to head into the ocean to swim alongside turtles? The waters around Barbados in particular are a great place to join these majestic creatures at close quarters.

U is for Unspoiled
We have to accept that man has had an impact on large chunks of our planet but there remain corners of the Caribbean that remain unspoiled and natural, with ongoing conservation work to ensure that it stays that way as much as possible.

V is for Volcanic
Volcanic activity has helped to shape the way in which the islands of the Caribbean have been formed, and there are numerous destinations where you can see this first hand for yourself. The Piton on St Lucia - two giant volcanic plugs - are perhaps the best example.

W is for Waterfalls
Amongst the stunning natural scenery that you’ll find across the Caribbean are various waterfalls that litter the islands. Jamaica in particular is packed with falls as water runs towards the coast with the likes of Dunns River Falls being particularly popular.

X is for X Marks the Spot
The Caribbean was famous for stories of pirates and buried treasure long before the popular film franchise was launched back in 2003. Around various islands, you’ll find wrecks that belonged to pirates in years gone by and which are now popular diving sites, whilst you can even pay a visit to filming locations from the Disney movies.

Y is for Yachting
There are various ways in which to travel around the Caribbean and one of the most impressive is on a high-end, luxury yacht. Fear not if your budget is a bit lower however, as you could always book a more realistic day trip out to sea instead.

Z is for Zoology
If you have an interest in all things animal then the Caribbean is a fantastic place to holiday because you have the chance to see so many different species on land and sea, as well as in the air.