Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a made up of a collection of islands off the coast of Africa, which was once under the rule of Portugal but has been independent since the 1970s.

Tourism now has a large part to play in the economy of the islands, with visitors draw in by the chance to explore the beauty of the natural landscapes and to make the most of impressive year round weather.

Anyone who enjoys water-based activities will enjoy the chance to visit the islands, with snorkeling and diving available off the coast where reefs and ship wrecks can be found.

The different islands hold different appeal, with Sal and Boa Vista being the place to go if you want to relax on the beach and São Vicente being home to the city of Mindelo; which is packed with culture that dates back to the time of Portuguese rule.

Near to Mindelo, you’ll also find Monte Verde; the largest mountain on the islands and one that is home to a range of flora and fauna.

As well as exploring the natural beauty of the natural park that it sits within, a visit to Monte Verde also provides the chance to take in some of the most stunning views imaginable.

If you have a desire to relax and head off the beaten track, Cape Verde could be the ideal choice.