Sitting just to the north of Venezuela, Aruba is actually part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – one of three islands that are included in the sovereign state.

While many of the islands across the Caribbean benefit from a tropical climate, Aruba’s climate is more semi-arid, with average temperatures running into the 30s across the year, high levels of humidity and relatively low levels of precipitation.

With that in mind, it comes as little surprise that the small island is popular with overseas visitors given the fine weather throughout the year.

There is also huge appeal in the fact that Aruba is surrounded by stunning beaches; with white sand and swaying palm trees sitting alongside clear blue waters that are both warm and welcoming.

In fact, the beaches along the western coast – which are also ideal for a range of water-based activities like snorkeling and parasailing – have been ranked amongst the best in the world.

Inland, the Arikok National Park is popular with hikers who want embrace the natural beauty of the island, whilst there are also old gold mines and caves to explore.

Although lacking any large cities, the towns and villages of the island contain plenty of Dutch and American influence; something seen in the shopping and dining options that are available.