There are few places that can match the Caribbean when you are looking for a luxury island break, and if you have the money, you can really take the luxury element to the next level.

That’s because across the Caribbean, there are various private islands where you can have the place all to yourself - giving you one of the most exclusive luxury holiday experiences available.

The downside to that - and it’s a big one - is the cost involved, with some private islands being rented out at a nightly rate greater than many people will get paid in a year.

That means that unless you’ve celebrated a lottery win in the past or have been exceptionally good at saving, such a trip is probably going to be out of reach.

There are however some private islands in the Caribbean that you can visit as part of your time in the region that won’t require you to rob a bank beforehand…

Sandals Royal Caribbean:

The Sandals Royal Caribbean resort is located on the northern coast of Jamaica close to Montego Bay and offers all inclusive luxury in an adults-only environment for those who want to make the most of their time away from home.

Within the resort sits a private offshore island that is home to a Thai restaurant, a luxury spa, two stunning beaches and a pool with swim-up bar. It can be accessed either via Sandals’ own tender boat or you can make the trip yourself in a kayak.

Off the private island, a small selection of over water bungalows provide the most exclusive accommodation available, featuring outdoor showers, swim-up platforms and glass floors that enable you to marvel at the turquoise waters underneath your feet.


Also known as Little Stirrup Cay, the island of CocoCay is one of a group that are located to the north of Nassau; the capital city of the Bahamas.

In excess of $200 million has been invested in the island to make it a top tourist attraction for people visiting the Caribbean although the only way to access it is as part of a cruise operated by the Royal Caribbean Group.

Catered very much towards the family market, CocoCay is home to a huge waterpark that includes no fewer than 13 different waterslides including Daredevil’s Peak, which is the tallest in North America. The biggest wave pool in the Caribbean is another feature.

A number of beaches provide somewhere to relax, whilst there is a 1,600ft zipline that runs across the island and Up, Up and Away - a huge helium filled balloon that gives visitors the chance to head 450ft into the air to look down across the island below.

A range of dining options are also available.

De Palm Island:

One of two private islands off the coast of Aruba, De Palm island can be accessed by boat for those people who purchase a day past to allow them to enjoy the various activities that are offered.

Once you arrive, you can enjoy a raft of water-based activities that range from snorkelling to banana boat rides, can go shopping in a small selection of shops or grab a bite to eat and a refreshing drink.

Children will love a small water park area whilst the island has a selection of private beach cabanas available for hire for those who want their own space to enjoy the favourable weather.

These private cabanas include your own bar, shower area and a sun deck with direct access into the sea.

Couples Tower Isle:

Couples Tower Isle is a luxury resort on Jamaica that offers the chance for couples to enjoy a relaxing break in the sun - and offers guests access to a private island as part of the package.

Located within easy reach of the shore sits the island is exclusively for those people staying in the resort - but this island has one major difference to others on the list.

That’s because it caters for those who like to go 'au naturel' - with no beachwear allowed on the secluded beach or at the pool bar. There is also restrooms and a lunch buffet.

Ocean Cay:

Another island that caters for the cruise market, Ocean Cay is exclusively used by MSC Cruises and opened in November 2019 as a special marine reserve.

With the plan being to 'show appreciation to the environment and ensure we are all doing our part to take care of our planet', extensive work went into ensuring that protecting the marine life in the waters around the island, which is home to eight top quality beaches.

Various sporting activities both on land and in the water are offered alongside a collection of dining options that mean guest can sample both local and international cuisine.

Take a trip to the top of the island’s lighthouse and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic views over the surrounding landscapes.

Before going back onboard your ship, you can even head off to do some shopping and grab a souvenir to remember your stay.

Palm Island:

One of the most exclusive resorts to be found anywhere in the Caribbean, the Palm Island Resort and Spa sits within the Grenadines and is only accessible by a private launch - which provides an air of exclusivity before you even arrive.

Stunning accommodation awaits spread across the 135-acre island, which also features five impressive sandy beaches leading into turquoise waters and a fantastic spa in which to relax and undergo one of the various treatments offered.

Top quality dining provides a taste of the Caribbean whilst across the island there are plenty of activities if you want to do more than relax on the beach or by the pool.

Take a bike ride to explore the scenic sights, enjoy a myriad of water-based sports or book a trip to one of the neighbouring islands; the options are endless.