If you are looking to enjoy a beach break in Cuba, then there are few places that can match Varadero for a HOT Holiday in the sun.

Located on the Hicaos peninsula around two hours from Havana, Varadero is the biggest beach resort on the island and is famous for its impressive sandy beaches and for the watersports that can enjoyed off the coast.

Those beaches are the major draw, and there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy them thanks to the impressive weather throughout much of the year.

Average temperatures don’t fluctuate too much no matter the time of year, although there are two notable seasons; with a wet season from May through to October when there is a greater chance of encountering heavy showers.

No matter where you head within Varadero, a top class beach won’t be far away, with some 20km of white sand running along the peninsula.

It means plenty of opportunity to lie back under the sun in some of the top resorts to be found anywhere in Cuba, with a range of impressive options both within Varadero itself and also close by.

Many of those hotels have their own private beaches, meaning you don’t need to worry about huge crowds.

As well as being ideal for swimming, the warm waters off the coast provide plenty of opportunities to try your hand at watersports, with Varadero being the best place to try windsurfing, sailing or diving – amongst others things.

Aside from the beaches, Varadero is home to a number of impressive restaurants and top class shopping options that reflect the high-end appeal of a destination that has long been a place to visit for the rich and famous.

For those who want to see another side to Cuba, there is also a nature reserve where you can explore a wide range of flora and fauna, whilst Havana is close enough to visit on a day trip if you want to explore everything the capital has to offer.

  • Transfer Time: 40 mins
  • Currency: Peso

Things to do in Varadero

House of Rum

The Caribbean is famous for rum and if you want to sample some whilst on a trip to Cuba then there is plenty of opportunity when in Varadero. The House of Rum is a museum that will give you the chance to learn about the different varieties of the drink and to sample some for yourselves. If you’re looking for a bottle that you won’t find at the airport, then this is the place to go.

Havana daytrip

The Cuban capital is a fantastic city to visit if you want to explore stunning architecture and embrace the colourful history of the country. The Spanish influence on the city will be clear to see, and you can enjoy a range of different activities – from shopping in local boutiques to listening to live music on the streets and dining in top class restaurants.

Scuba diving

Varadero is one of the best places in Cuba to try your hand at diving, with a range of reefs and wrecks being found in the waters around the peninsula. The clear waters are ideal for both beginners and experts alike who will delight in seeking out the delights that are to be found below the surface.

Artisan Markets

There are plenty of markets to be found across Varadero where you can check out locally produced goods to take home as souvenirs. Handmade jewellery, wooden figures and a range of leather products are likely to be amongst the most popular items – with bargains to be found if you are prepared to haggle for a bargain.

Varahicacos Reserve

Outside Varadero, a trip to the Varahicacos Reserve provides the chance to see the other side of the peninsula. It’s not large by any stretch of the imagination, but you’ll be able to take a stroll through a range of different nature trails and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

Ambrosio Cave

The Ambrosio Cave was discovered in the 1960s and runs for 300m underground, with five interconnected galleries that feature a range of a traditional rock drawings dating back thousands of years. You could well also see the fruit bats that now call the caves home.