Side is a popular Turkish resort situated along the beautiful Mediterranean coast on a small peninsula to the east of Antalya.

The resort is home to two impressive sandy beaches and is a good base for families looking to enjoy a fun-filled HOT Holiday in the sun.

There’s no denying that Side can get busy but when you consider the favourable weather conditions, it isn’t hard to see why.

During the middle of summer, you can expect to see the temperatures running well into the 30s and even when things are quieter in spring and autumn, it can still reach the mid-to-high 20s.

Rain is possible in winter, although the temperatures will still be pretty comfortable compared to back home.

The main beaches in Side sit alongside the inviting waters of the Mediterranean and are the ideal place to soak up the sun, with parasols available when you need a break and some shade.

There is a range of watersports available to enjoy, with various bars alongside the promenade in which you can relax with a cool drink.

Side is home to a number of historical sites that include a huge amphitheatre that is still used for performances to this day, as well as a stunning temple that dates back thousands of years.

You can also explore old temples and visit a museum where the history of the city is explored at length.

As well as playing host to a range of different festivals each year, Side is a good destination for those who enjoy shopping thanks to the various stores and the bustling market, where you shouldn’t be afraid to barter for the best deal.

The harbour area is also worth a visit to sample seafood caught by the local fishermen, or to book onto a cruise out to sea.

Given how popular Side is with tourists, it should come as little shock that there is plenty of evening entertainment available, much of which is focused around the harbour.

  • Transfer Time: 90 mins
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
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