The Seychelles is another first rate destination for anyone who wants to embrace the island lifestyle during their HOT Holiday in the sun.

Sitting in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is made up of more than 100 islands where white sands, clear blue sun and first class weather is the order of the day.

Throughout the year you can expect to see plenty of sun, with the temperature running well into the 30s during peak season in the early months of the year.

That is also when there is the great chance of encountering a shower, although rain tends to arrive in short sharp bursts.

As with other islands in the region, a major selling point of the Seychelles is the fantastic beaches, which are the perfect place in which to lie back and enjoy the sun.

No matter which way you turn, you can expect to see stunning scenery that is akin to those seen on your ideal picture postcard, with white sands lined with palm trees swaying in the breeze, and clear blue waters lapping on the shore.

Those waters are great for taking a refreshing dip out of the sun if you want to cool off, but are also a haven for diving and snorkeling for those who want to explore the many coral reefs that are to be found off the coast.

Head inland on the various islands meanwhile, and you’ll be able to explore impressive natural parks and nature reserves that are teeming with native wildlife – all of which is protected to ensure that the Seychelles retains the beauty for which it is so well known.

With influences of Africa, Asia and Europe all thrown into the pot, the Seychelles provides visitors with a fascinating blend of cultures that is reflected in the cuisine and in the various activities you can expect to enjoy.

One thing for sure is that a trip to the Seychelles is a HOT Holiday that will live long in the memory.

  • Destination Info
  • Currency: Seychellois Rupee
  • Language: French & English

Visit Victoria

The capital city Victoria is located on the island of Mahé, and dates back to the 1770s. Pay a visit to the city and you can spend time exploring the Botanical Gardens, visit a range of different museums or visit to the famous clock tower that is modeled on Vauxhall Clock Tower in London.

L’Union Estate

L’Union Estate on the island of La Digue is home to one of the Seychelles old coconut plantations and is also a great place to spot the giant tortoises that frequent the islands. It’s also where you need to head if you want to visit Anse Source d’Argent; widely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Seychelles.

Aride Island

Aride Island is a nature reserve that is one of the must-see destinations within the Seychelles for anyone who has an interest in birds, with a huge number of seabird colonies being found on the island. You can also expect to see plenty of lizards on a day trip to Praslin, around 8km away.


The Seychelles is a great place to go diving, with various reefs being located in the waters around the islands. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy the chance to head under the surface to explore the natural beauty of the marine life that can be found under the surface.