San Antonio Bay sits on the west coast of Ibiza and although close to the town that shares its name, is a way more relaxed option for those heading to the island for their HOT Holiday in the sun.

The resort is famed for being one of the more laid back on Ibiza, with a selection of small beaches littering the coast.

Here, you can relax on quiet sandy beaches that are situated in small coves, take a dip in the refreshing water or sample a range of different watersports that are available just off the coast.

As the sun goes down on an evening, you can then enjoy the spectacle of some of the best sunsets on the island.

It should come as little surprise that San Antonio Bay contains plenty of bars of its own, but they tend to be somewhere to chill out with a drink rather than somewhere to dance the night away.

It means the resort is ideal for those who may not want to embrace the party lifestyle of San Antonio Bay all the time but want to be close enough to dip in and out as the mood takes them.

As well as sampling a wide range of dishes at the various restaurants within San Antonio Bay, you can spend some time indulging in duty free shopping or take a trip to Ibiza Town to explore the medieval history of the island capital.

Like the other major resorts on Ibiza, San Antonio Bay features accommodation to suit all needs, from cheap and cheerful options close to the beach to more luxurious offerings that sit alongside the promenade.

  • Transfer Time: 45 mins
  • Currency: Euro