Mykonos is one of the most popular of the Greek Islands and has long welcomed overseas visitors with open arms.

Situated in the South Aegean sea as part of the Cyclades chain, Mykonos benefits from a somewhat arid climate that means plenty of sun during the summer months with relatively high average temperatures, and comfortable mild weather during the spring and autumn that held make it a year round option for travellers.

Given its popularity with the rich and famous, Mykonos is home to plenty of high end accommodation, but also has a range of options for those who are travelling on more of a budget.

Indeed, it’s just as popular with couples looking for a romantic break as it for those seeking fun with all the family.

Whilst much of the inland region is quite rocky, the island is home to a varied selection of beaches, from sheltered bays with white sands and clear blue waters that are perfect for topping p the tan to more secluded offerings that are largely untouched by tourism and then a selection where watersports can be enjoyed at leisure.

Given the increasing popularity of the island, it should come as little surprise to know that there are plenty of bars and restaurants around the larger resorts, such as Mykonos Town, but there is also an old world charm that remains and offers a fascinating insight into local life.