If you have a desire to explore the historical delights of Cyprus during a HOT Holiday in the sun, then the resort of Larnaca will tick all the boxes.

The ancient seaside resort is regarded as one of the oldest cities in the world, never mind on the island, and is a popular destination for couples, families and lone travellers keen to make the most of the impressive Mediterranean conditions.

As with the remainder of the island, Larnaca benefits from impressive weather conditions throughout the year.

During the summer months, the average temperatures will run into the high 20s and occasionally tip over 30, whilst in the winter you can still benefit from temperatures that run into the mid-teens.

Sitting on the east coast of the island, Larnaca is near to the busy resorts of Ayia Napa and Nissi Bay but offers much more peaceful surroundings in which to embrace everything that Cyprus has to offer.

Visitors to Larnaca will have the chance to relax on impressive Blue Flag rated beaches to top up their tans, whilst the shallow waters off the coast are ideal for children.

You could also try your hand at various watersports, with diving being particularly popular thanks to a number of wrecks that sit along the coast.

The chance to explore Cypriot history is also something you’ll be able to embrace during a trip to Larnaca, with a number of old churches and the ancient castle within the resort that help to tell the tales of years gone by.

When you put those older attractions alongside the modern day bars and restaurants there is the chance to embrace both historic and modern day Cyprus in one fail swoop.

  • Transfer Time: 25 mins
  • Currency: Euro

Things to do in Larnaca

Ayia Napa

If you want a good night out whilst staying in Larnaca then you only need to take the short trip to Ayia Napa. Here, you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs where you can dance until the early hours if you so desire. When it comes to nightlife, there is nowhere better on Cypriot soil.


When you have children in tow, the chance to visit a top class waterpark is something you won’t want to miss – so the Waterworld park near to Ayia Napa should be high on your list. Here, you’ll find attractions for all ages, from a splash zone for small children through to high-speed slides for adrenaline junkies.

St Lazarus Church

St Lazarus Church dates back to the 9th century and is regarded as one of awe-inspiring attractions anywhere in Cyprus. There are few places to match it on the island when it comes to history and culture, and it’s well worth a visit both during the day and when the sun goes down on an evening.

Larnaca Castle

The small castle in Larnaca was originally built to help defend the resort from coastal attack and has gone on to serve a number of purposes since the 12th century. Now there is a museum on the site as well as an open air theatre where you can catch a show.

Hala Sultan Tekke

A shine located on the banks of Larnaca Salt Lake, the Hala Sultan Tekke is one of the most important Muslim sites in Cyprus and is a serene place to spend some time reflecting away from the crowds on the beach.

Camel Park

Enjoy a fun day as a family on a trip to the Camel Park near to Larnaca, where you can not only take a ride on camel back but also meet a range of other creatures including llamas, wallabies and ostriches. There is also a play area and a swimming pool on site.