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If you are looking for a traditional Caribbean break, then the island of Antigua will tick many of the boxes for your HOT Holiday in the sun.

Situated within the West Indies, the island is relatively small but is home to a wide selection of top class hotels, many of which are located in prime positions around the coastline to provide the best possible views out over the clear blue waters of the sea.

As with other Caribbean Islands, Antigua benefits from relatively high temperatures throughout the year with plenty of sun, although there is a rainy season that runs from June through to November when you might encounter heavy showers.

When it comes to a holiday on Antigua, there is little doubt that the beaches are the main draw – and there are plenty of them to choose from.

Dickenson Bay is well visited by tourists thanks to the many hotels located nearby, whilst Pigeo Point is a good option for families who simply want to relax on the sand.

Should you want to escape the crowds, then the likes of Half Moon Bay and Johnson’s Point might be worth considering.

Given the beauty of the waters around Antigua, it will come as little surprise that trips around the coast by boat are a popular attraction for visitors, particularly as that also provides a way in which to visit some of the quietest beaches that can’t be accessed with ease by land.

Away from the beaches, you could head into the forests to take a zipline trip through the trees or explore some of the historical sites around the major cities such as the capital St Johns.

St John’s Cathedral and Fort James are just two such sites that will provide an insight into island life, and show that Antigua is about more than just the beach.

When to go
December to April
Flight Time
8 Hours 30 Mins

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Things To Do

Rainforest Zipline Tour

Enjoy a unique trip through the rainforests on the island of Antigua on a journey through the top of the trees through a network of ziplines. Suitable for all ages, it provides a fun-filled alternative to the impressive beaches and the chance to explore some of the dramatic landscapes away from the coast.

Galley Bay Beach

Antigua is packed with top class beaches where you can lie back and enjoy the sunshine, or take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters off the coast. If you get lucky on a trip to Galley Bay, you might even get to see baby sea turtles hatching from their eggs, with the beach being well used as nesting place.

Nelson’s Dockyard

Nelson’s Dockyard is named after Admiral Nelson and is one of Antigua’s various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Home to the annual Antigua Sailing Week, the site dates back to the 1700s and has undergone extensive renovation work, with many original buildings still standing that now house a museum, two hotels and a range of shops and restaurants.

Shirley Heights

Sitting at the southern tip of the island, Shirley Points was once and military lookout and gun battery named after Sir Thomas Shirley. As well as being able to explore what remains of the military fortifications, you can take in stunning views across both English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour, whilst the restaurant and bar that sits on the site is famed for its parties on a Sunday evening.

Museum of Antigua & Barbuda

Located in St John’s, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda provides a fascinating insight into the history of the island, including how they were originally formed thousands of years ago and the role it played as a British naval base, and in the slavery trade.

Betty’s Hope

Betty’s Hope is an old sugar plantation that dates back to the mid-1600s. In recent years, the Bettys Hope Trust has worked on restoration of the site, which had an important role to play in both the agricultural and industrial industries.

Devil’s Bridge

If you want to explore how the island of Antigua has been formed, then a visit to Devil’s Bridge near Willikies is a must. Here, there is the chance to see the way in which the waves of the Atlantic have created a natural arch in the limestone rock, which is now surrounded by geysers and blowholes.

Half Moon Bay

Particularly popular on weekends, Half Moon Bay beach sits near to Freetown and is one of the most picturesque beaches on Antigua, with white sands and clear waters that surround a large reef.

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