Quite often when you are looking to book a holiday and looking to find a deal, the headline price will come with a caveat that it’s 'based on two people sharing', or similar.

If you’re looking to head overseas with your partner then that’s all well and good, but if you are single person then that small print means you’ll be left facing an alternative price to secure your dream break.

Although travelling alone can sometimes involve paying a supplement, it’s no longer a given with a number of hotels and cruise lines removing the additional fee - previously seen as a way in which to claw back additional revenue that would be lost if a single person books a room compared to two people.

Increasingly, there are also more and more deals now available that have designed solely for single people.

It’s understandable that some people may feel nervous about the possibility of taking a holiday on their own for any number of reasons, but there are also plenty of positives to bear in mind.

As stupid as it may sound, one of the main plus points about going on holiday alone is that very fact - you’re alone.

Rather than having to worry about pleasing anyone else when it comes to where to go and what to do whilst you’re there, you can instead enjoy a holiday that is all about you.

If there is something you fancy doing then you can just go ahead and do it, and if there is a certain destination that you have always wanted to visit, then you can go and visit it safe in the knowledge that you aren’t having to please another person.

If you have concerns about the daunting prospect of having to organise everything yourself, then fear not - that is exactly what your travel agent is there for; to take some of the stress away from you and to help make sure that your holiday delivers everything you expect from it.

Of course, it helps being on a single persons holiday if you enjoy your own company, but if you do worry that you might get lonely then again, you needn’t be concerned.

As well as being able to make new friends in bars and restaurants, there is also the possibility that you could meet up with like minded single travellers who are looking to share some experiences along the way.

That is particularly true on a cruise break, where some cruise lines have areas of the ship that are solely for single people and which offer the chance to strike up new friendships.

Should you be looking for a single person holiday, then contact our experts today to kick start the process.