Touring holidays are so much more than just the final destination. They’re the memorable moments you take home with you, the wondrous sights you see, the unexpected journeys you make and the unique people you meet along the way.

Touring is a great way to see the world up close and personal. Whether you want to embark on a once in a lifetime trip to a fresh destination or you want to rediscover the charm of an old favourite from a new perspective, touring offers the luxury to explore it all. With so many different tours to choose from, no matter your age, budget or fitness level, Hays Travel has the perfect tour for you.

From Grand Tours discovering the delights of South America to City Adventures experiencing the Wonders of Ancient Rome; from Best Selling Tours to Elvis Presley’s Memphis to once-in-a-lifetime Natural Wonders Tours exploring the frozen icecaps of Reykjavik in the land of the Midnight Sun - there’s a tour out there for everyone.

Touring takes the guess work out of travel. With an expert tour guide there to take you behind the tourist veil of your destination and into its heart and soul, you’ll be effortlessly transported, expertly guided and given recommendations you know you can trust when you want some freedom to venture off on your own in search of more adventure. After all, that is the beauty of touring.

Check out some of the amazing tours on offer below to inspire your next adventure!

Grand Tours:

A Grand Tour is unlike any other. Where once-in-a-lifetime experiences unfold one-by-one before your very eyes and unforgettable memories are promised. From basking in the shadows of the Great Pyramids of Giza to feeling the fresh mist of Niagara Falls on your brow; why not experience the grandeur of our beautiful planet yourself with a Grand Tour?

A little inspiration: Grand Tour of South America

Touch down in Peru and begin your adventure into the rhythmic heart of South America. See the wondrous Machu Picchu, visit the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and journey across the altiplano in a luxury sleeper train. Journey to Buenos Aires to explore grand architecture and historical sites before experiencing the sights, samba and sunshine of Rio de Janeiro.

Food & Culture Tours:

Tantalise your taste buds and satiate that inner foodie with a Food & Culture Tour. Discover the very heart of your destination through all your senses as Hays Travel takes you further into the culture of your chosen country. Explore local markets, indulge in delicious authentic cuisines all whilst visiting the iconic sights and history your destination has to offer.

A little inspiration: Cuban Discovery

Your unforgettable tour beings in Havana where you can get a taste of the Cuban flavour that awaits you. See the iconic vintage cars that scatter Havana’s vibrant streets, visit cigar and rum factories, witness the 9pm cannon ceremony or take an expert Cuban cocktail lesson. For 12 days, journey through Cuba and discover its joyous delights, all whilst enjoying the array of tasty food on offer; all of which is included in your tour price!

Solo Tours

Dreaming of visiting a particular country but don’t have a travel buddy yet? Why not take the leap and do your next venture solo. Whether you want to complete a bucket list trip, jet off on a spontaneous escape or just want to experience something new; solo touring provides a unique opportunity to discover lands you’ve always imagined, independently or with like-minded travellers, whilst perfectly blending a sense of security and adventure. Explore the edges of the map and experience different cultures, all whilst making friendships and memories along the way! Sounds pretty perfect to us!

A little inspiration: The Golden Triangle & Tiger Trail

Journey deep into the heart of India as you embark on a trip of a lifetime discovering the wondrous sights and creatures that call India home. See the old world and new world collide as you journey through Delhi, visit the majestic Taj Mahal and see the golden sun set on this magnificent monument before heading to Ranthambore National Park as you go in search for a glimpse of the allusive Bengal Tiger hidden in its forested home.  

Closer to Home Tours:

Perhaps your perfect tour lies a little closer to home nestled in the familiar landscapes of Europe rather than in a far off distant land. Not to worry! From the rugged shores of Ireland to the mystical castles of Bavaria; there’s a host of unforgettable destinations right on your doorstep waiting to be explored.

A little inspiration: Taste of the Douro Valley

From the quaint fishermen’s quarters of Oporto to the medieval town of Amarante; discover the beauty of this enchanting valley. Meander down the Douro River, glass of port in hand, and take in the picturesque scenery of charming vineyards and pine-clad mountainous slopes and relish in a tour full of pure relaxation.  

Natural Wonders Tours:

Our world is alive with breathtaking natural wonders, so why not seize the chance to see some for yourself? From the dramatic echoing mountainsides of the Pyrenees and the vivid dense forests of Costa Rica, to the dancing northern lights of Iceland and the tranquil waters of Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi River; Hays Travel have tours full of wonder.

A little inspiration: Borneo’s Orangutans and Rainforest Adventure

Have you ever wanted to see a majestic orangutan in its natural habitat? Then this may be the perfect tour for you. Embark on a 13 day tour through Borneo and experience the relaxation, nature and diverse wildlife of this exotic land. Visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre & Sun Bear Conservation Centre, explore authentic tea plantations and take a dip in the Poring Hot Springs. End your amazing journey through the Rainforests of Borneo with a much needed 4 night stay at a luxury beach resort and take a moment to remember all of the amazing sights you have seen along the way.