As the world reopens after the pandemic and people look to once again enjoy overseas travel, a fresh challenge has presented itself with the cost of living crisis.

Everyone is now having to watch what they spend that little bit more as a result of things like rising energy costs and the fact that petrol is hitting record-breaking levels on a near daily basis - meaning it is more important than ever for people to make their money go as far as possible.

That’s not just true when it comes to necessities and budgeting carefully for those special treats - like a holiday in the sun to escape the pressures of work - is something that we’d all be well advised to do.

Here’s a few top tips on how to save money when it comes to travel…

Free Child Places

if you are looking for a break with the family, then making use of a free child place is an absolute no-brainer. A number of holiday companies offer free child places across the year although they can be snapped up quickly at peak times - as you might expect. However, if a free child place is available for your holiday, the savings can be huge!

Even if there is no free child place, you may still be able to save as some companies offer holidays for very small children at no charge.

You might also be able to save on flights if small children - usually under two - will be on your lap whilst in the air and will not therefore require their own seat.

Book Early

It’s true that if you leave a holiday booking until the last minute, there is the chance to potentially grab a bargain, but waiting for a late deal also has its drawbacks.

For a start, you might be more limited when it comes to your potential options and you’re also highly likely to have to pay all of your balance in one go - meaning finding a larger lump sum to pay off your holiday.

Booking early still opens up the chance to grab a deal, but also means you can either pay off your break in smaller, more manageable amounts or will be able to put money to one side ready for when your balance is due.

The fact that many holidays can be booked with a low deposit also means you won’t necessarily need to find a huge amount up front.

Do your homework

We all have an idea of where we want to go on holiday, but a little bit of homework might bring up some alternatives that you wouldn’t have thought of but which could save you a packet.

Every year, the Post Office puts together its 'Holiday Money Report', which provides an idea of which destinations offer the best value for money.

For example, this year, Marmaris comes in as the cheapest destination based on a range of products you might want to purchase whilst away - such as a glass of wine, a bottle of beer and a three course meal for two.

In the Turkish resort, you can expect to pay little over £26 but at the other end of the scale, in Reykjavik you’d be paying almost £160.

Turkey is actually ranked as the destination with the biggest fall in price so there are bargains to be had, and the same is true in the likes of Corfu, Paphos and also in long haul destinations like Costa Rica and Thailand.

All it takes it a little homework and you could find a fantastic deal that saves you a huge amount.

Think about what you need

When booking a holiday, you’d be well advised to consider what you actually want from your break to make sure that the package is right for you - and that includes in financial terms.

There is little doubt that All Inclusive holidays provide fantastic value for money but if your plan is to head out and explore every day, and then embrace the local nightlife every evening do you really want to pay the extra for going AI over Bed & Breakfast or Half Board?

By the same score, if you intend to lounge around by the pool and will only be leaving the hotel when you have to return to the airport then probably want to consider going AI rather than having to pay for drinks each time you go to the bar.

When to travel

It’s an obvious one but changing when you travel can have a huge impact on the price of your holiday, which is something you’ll be particularly aware of if you have children.

Book during the traditional holiday periods and you’ll pay more for your break but if you can travel 'out of season' then expect to get lower prices and more for your money.

Time to fly

In much the same way that you have the rush hour every morning and evening as people go to and from work, so you have peak periods when it comes to travelling overseas in terms of flights.

When it comes to certain destinations there will only be one flight a day so you’ll simply have to go with whatever is offered, but some more popular routes may have multiple flights operating on a daily basis.

Booking onto a flight at a less friendly time might not be the most convenient thing, but it can save you those few extra pounds that can be used elsewhere.

Even just changing the day you fly can have a big impact on how much it costs and is worth investigating if your holiday dates aren’t set in stone.

Plan Ahead

You don’t want a holiday to be too regimental but at the same time, it’s worth doing some planning before hand when it comes to what you want to do when you are away.

It’s possible that you can book certain attractions before you travel at a lower price than in resort, which means saving money without scrimping on the fun. The added bonus is that there will be something extra to look forward to at the same time.

Look out for offers

It’s a pretty common sense one, but always be on the lookout for any offers that can save you money on your trip - which can range from money off deals to additional extras that you will then not have to fork out for.

This is particularly true for things like cruise holidays, where you might be offered free onboard spending money, or a ski break where lift passes could be included - thereby giving you extra value for your trip.