For the vast majority of people, booking a holiday will be one of the biggest purchases you are likely to make each year and at a time when everyone is feeling the squeeze and travel rules appear to be constantly changing, it is more important than ever to make sure you are getting value for money.

Some people will see the need head for Google in order to secure the 'best deal' but, particularly when it comes to travel, you could actually end up in a much worse position than if you’d followed the tried and tested route of using a travel agent to book your trip.

To be clear, we’re not just saying that because of the fact that we are in the business of booking holidays but are saying it because it’s true.

Booking using a registered travel agent has way more benefits than you might imagine and here we look at just a handful of reasons why it should be the only way to secure your dream overseas break.

Travel Agents know their stuff…

To make it as a travel agent, you need to know your stuff so it makes perfect sense to deal with an expert when you want to book a holiday.

With so much to consider when you are booking a holiday, a travel agent will be able to make sure that everything is covered to meet your individual needs - including some things that you might not have even considered.

Insider knowledge and first hand experience means a travel agent can match you with the best possible options and they may be able to make suggestions on alternative hotels that are better suited to your needs, or point out things to do in your chosen resort that you weren’t aware of.

With every changing rules at the moment in regards to overseas travel, a travel agent will also make sure you are kept up to speed on what the requirements are for your trip.

They key thing to remember is that a travel agent is doing their job because of their love and passion for travel, especially when it would have been easy in recent times to go off and pursue another career when the pandemic devastated the industry.

To not make use of that knowledge and passion is a waste.

Value for Money…

There is a common misconception that booking with a travel agent will cost you more money, but that very much isn’t the case. Often, agents will be able to make use of their relationships with different suppliers to secure special exclusive prices that you won’t find elsewhere.

They may also be able to add something extra onto your package - like an upgrade to your flight or your room - leaving others to wonder what you did differently to them…

You shouldn’t just think about the actual holiday either, as your travel agent may also have access to deals on things like excursions and activities at special rates that you won’t be able to get yourself.

Although not a direct part of the holiday you were booking, it will reduce the overall cost of your trip away as you won’t be spending as much after you’ve travelled.

One key thing to also remember is that a travel agent will make sure your holiday has everything you need as part of the price, rather than you being lumbered with extras - such as transfers - that you’d missed off when booking yourself without realising.


It’s true that some elements of your holiday might only be available if you book through a travel agent. That could range from a certain grade of room in a hotel to a special excursion that would turn your holiday from a 4* experience to one that is very much 5*.

Travel agents are also able to put together packages that are exclusive to every individual person - meaning you can enjoy a holiday that, quite literally, is being enjoyed by you and no-one else.


We are all busy and time can be precious - so why waste it doing something you don’t need to do? Once you’ve given a travel agent your brief, then you can let them do the hard work of finding the right package, getting it for the best price possible and then coming back to let you know what they’ve found.

Meanwhile you have that time to do as you wish…

Support & Security…

As long as you book with an agent who is correctly bonded and offers protection through the ABTA programme, then you benefit from financial protection in the event that something goes wrong.

The pandemic has been a prime example of how important this can be, as those people who had holidays booked with ABTA-bonded agents found getting their money back easier compared to those who had tried to go it alone in search of a bargain.

As well as financial protection, a travel agent will also be able to support you if you run into problems when you are away from home and can be on hand to help with any issues. Should a flight suddenly be cancelled - for example - then your travel agent can be there to help rather than you being left stuck in an airport unsure of what to do.

So to sum up…

Booking with a travel agent can mean a better holiday at a better price, with more for your money, additional security and the safety net of knowing someone has your back.

Why do anything else?