If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, then one of the major selling points is likely to be the weather and the opportunity to sit back and relax under blazing sun and top up your tan.

Should you decide to book a break on the island of St Lucia however, you might decide to raise the temperature in a completely different way by enjoying a trip to the only drive-in volcano in the world.

Yes - you did read that correctly…

Located within easy reach of the capital city Soufriere, Sulphur Springs is one of the most popular tourist attractions anywhere on the island, with thousands of people every year making the trip out into the countryside to pay a visit.

Because of the fact that the volcano last erupted more than 200 years ago, it is now regarded as dormant which means you can, as the name suggests, drive right up to the collapsed crater that is now home to a series of boiling mud pits.

You can’t get too close to those for obvious reasons of safety, but nearby sit a collection of hot springs and mud baths where the temperature has cooled enough to make them safe to use.

Legend has it that the mud baths have medicinal benefits that can help everything from joint pain to skin conditions such as eczema, but that isn’t the only reason to pay a visit as some people simply want to enjoy the experience of playing in the mud - particularly those who have children in tow.

As well as visiting the mud baths, Sulphur Springs is also home to a stunning waterfall which means you can enjoy your spa treatment before a refreshing dip in the natural waters afterwards.

Whilst Sulphur Springs is one of the most famous examples of a hot spring in the Caribbean, it is far from the only one that you could visit when you head for the islands.

Should you find yourself on Puerto Rico then the Coamo Thermal Baths provide the chance to enjoy a natural spa experience against a backdrop of tranquility in impressively manicured gardens that are a world away from some of the island’s larger towns.

Two thermal pools of differing temperatures will both soothe and invigorate visitors, who can then head to the on-site spa for a massage before grabbing a bite to eat in a local restaurant.

If you’re visiting the Bahamas and take a trip to the island of Eleuthera, the Queens Bath on the Atlantic coast provide a different kind of hot water experience. Rather than being warmed by geo-thermal activity, the rock pool is instead filled with clear waters from the ocean at high tide which is then warmed during the day by the sun.

It means that rather than being a pool where you can spend a short period of time, you will instead be able to sit back and soak under the sun whilst admiring the coastal views.

Should a hot spring not be of interest, then the Blue Hole Mineral Spring on Jamaica provides an intriguing alternative…

Located close to Negril, the Blue Hole is a natural spring found in a limestone cavern under the surface that can be accessed either via a ladder or - if you’re a bit of a thrillseeker - by diving in from above into the deep water.

The water here is still packed with minerals that are believed to have healing powers, thanks in no small part to the limestone surroundings that help to improve purity.

Should you be keen to book a Caribbean break that includes a natural spring experience, then let our experts be your guide.