For the second year in a row, the New Years Eve celebrations are set to be more subdued than usual thanks to the impact of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 leaving us to dream about the possibility of heading somewhere more exotic in twelve months time to say hello to 2023.

Across the globe, there are plenty of places that know how to throw a party when it comes to New Year and here’s just a few suggestions that you might want to consider….


Every year as the clock ticks down to midnight and highlights are shown of the New Year celebrations elsewhere in the world, Sydney is a destination that always takes up a prime slot with images of the dramatic fireworks display that takes place around the Harbour.

It’s little surprise therefore that it takes a prime position on our list of places you might want to visit at New Year so you can marvel at the stunning sight of the sky above the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House being illuminated by the bright lights of the display.

For an extra special experience, you might even be able to head out onto the water on a boat trip across Sydney Harbour at the time the clock hits midnight for an even more impressive view.

Pre-COVID, this was a display watched by hundreds of thousands of people so it remains to be seen how things will operate in future, but it’s certainly an experience that will live long in the memory, and only increases the appeal of a city that is well worth a visit in its own right.


You don’t have to go somewhere exotic to celebrate New Year and if you want an option that is closer to home, then what about a short break in Edinburgh?

The Hogmanay celebrations are more than a match for the parties that you’ll find around the globe, with hundreds of thousands of people heading for the Scottish capital for the multi-day event that includes processions, street shows, concerts, bonfires and the famous fireworks display that takes place above Edinburgh Castle.

It’s a true city-wide party - and the Scots know how to throw a good party…

Rio de Janeiro:

Part of the appeal for some people when it comes to New Year is wrapping up warm to stand and watch the fireworks go off - but that doesn’t apply for everyone.

If you would prefer to be somewhere where the weather conditions are slight more favourable then what about heading for Rio de Janeiro for one of the most famous New Year parties anywhere in the world?

Again, things have been slightly different in COVID times, but Rio is known globally for the massive party that takes place on the Copacabana each year, with plenty of dancing and live music before the firework display - which is one of the biggest around - really kicks off.

It isn’t all about the beach party however, and there is plenty going on across the city, with streets closed on an evening to ensure there is plenty of space for the revellers to enjoy themselves.

New York:

New York is a popular destination for people travelling before Christmas, who chose to head for the Big Apple in order to hit the shops and enjoy some retail therapy whist embracing all of the festivities.

However, the city is just as appealing after Christmas has taken place, with the New Year celebrations being an event to enjoy if you can tie it into your trip to the 'City That Never Sleeps'.

In a city that size of New York, there are plenty of events to enjoy but the headline act that many people head for takes place in Time Square, where all eyes are on the famous ball that sits atop One Times Square.

At 11:59pm, the ball starts to descend from a flagpole and hits the bottom at midnight - with the 'ball drop' being the big event that welcomes in the New Year.


If you want to head overseas for New Year but don’t want to go too far, why not pop over the Channel and pay a visit to Paris for a few days?

A top option for couples in particular who want to add in an element of romance, the French capital has a number of events that take place to welcome in the New Year - including a spectacular light show at the Eiffel Tower.

Thousands of people also come together each year to celebrate the festivities along the Champs-Elysées, where you’ll see the countdown to midnight projected onto the Arc De Triomphe before the fireworks begin.

If you want to avoid the big crowds, a romantic meal for two in a top restaurant or a cruise along the Seine provide an interesting alternative.


Another fair weather option for New Year comes in the shape of Dubai, where plenty of effort goes into making sure the celebrations are lifted to another level.

Given the impressive number of five star hotels, you’ll find no shortage of parties taking place in the run up to midnight but the biggest of them all surrounds the famous Burj Al Khalifa.

Here, expect to see a spectacular display of fireworks where no expense is spared - with the display dubbed by some as the best New Celebration in the world.

Plenty of people will line the water front to take in the display, but you could secure a prime slot in one of the local restaurants to enjoy some fine dining before the display gets underway.


New Year is very much a time for celebration in the Italian capital, which comes alive - even more so than usual - with a number of special events.

After spending time in the restaurant and bars being fed and watered on some of the best Italian cuisine, you can be entertained as you walk through the streets to get the best possible view of the fireworks lighting up the sky above Palatine Hill and the Roman Forums.

One thing to note. Italian tradition says red underwear should be worn if you are seeking good luck…


As a left field option you might not have considered, then how about heading for Iceland - and specifically the capital city Reykjavik.

Be warned that this won’t be a quiet way to celebrate the New Year, with Icelanders spending much of the evening throwing a massive party - taking to the streets after their evening meal to for huge fireworks displays alongside bonfires across the city.

As the clock ticks down to midnight, expect there to be even more fireworks before the parties go on long into the night.