The check in experience at an airport has changed no end in recent years, with things like online check in and bag drops all combining to help improve the whole process for travellers.

Previously there was always a chance you could arrive at the airport and be faced with long queues snaking around the terminal as passengers waited to visit the few desks that were manned by airline staff.

In that situation, there was never an option but to wait your turn in order to be allocated your seat and drop off your luggage before joining the next queue to pass through security.

Checking in online has improved things, but there is still an element of waiting required when you arrive at the airport when you need to drop off your cases so that they can be placed in the hold for your flight.

That’s unless you’ve booked your holiday with Jet2, in which case you can benefit from a twilight check in facility if you have a flight that is leaving before 12 noon.

Although not suitable for everyone, it’s certainly something to bear in mind if you live near your departure airport, or are staying in a hotel at the airport the night before you fly and want to save some time the following morning.

Using the system is possible if you’ve checked in for the flight online for the flight at least 24 hours before you are due to depart, and means you can head for the airport the night before you fly to drop off your bags - just by taking your boarding pass and passport with you.

The following morning when you then prepare to head away to enjoy the sun, you can simply walk past the queues at check in and the bag drop and go straight to security - saving you some valuable time in the process.

Okay so you'll still have some element of queuing involved as you pass through security, but you can live with one queue when you know that your holiday in the sun is waiting at the other end....

Jet2 also offers a similar service for the trip back home after your holiday, which is particularly useful if you have a flight that is departing later in the day and you may need to check out from your room a few hours before your transfer back to the airport.

Available in selected hotels in a number of popular resorts, resort flight check in allows you to check in for your flight before you have left for the airport - reducing the queueing times when you then actually leave.

As long as you have checked in online, you’ll be able to drop your bags off with the dedicated team at the hotel who will then load them onto a secure truck to take them direct to the airport to be loaded onto the plane.

That means you are free to enjoy the remainder of your time at the hotel before the journey to the airport, where you can once again head straight for security without needing to worry about queuing at either check in or the bag drop.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your holiday time and reduce the airport stress levels when you take your next trip overseas…

Twilight Check is available at Birmingham, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle airports. Resort flight check in at selected resorts, please ask for more details and to see if your hotel is included.