If you follow us on our social media channels then you’ll have seen posts last week to announce that you can now book your 2021 Jet2 holiday with our expert sales team.

Now we’re well aware that some of you might still be deciding where to go THIS summer but there really couldn’t be a better time to book for 2021 - and here’s our reasons why…

Family Deals

If you’re looking to book a package deal for your family then there is one massive benefit that comes from booking early - and that is free child places.

The major holiday companies - including Jet2, Tui and First Choice - offer free child places on a wide range of breaks each year, but these child places are strictly limited every year with only a certain number on each date.

As a result, they tend to go quickly, especially around peak travel times like the summer holidays. Booking earlier means there are more of these free child places still available, which means you can take full advantage of a major saving on the cost of your holiday.


Of course free child places are only of use if you are planning to book a family holiday and are of no benefit to couples of groups of friends who are planning a summer break in the sun.

However, booking early still provides the chance to benefit from the increased choice that is available before rooms are snapped up and flights begin to fill.

That means you are more likely to be able to book the room you want in the hotel you want, and be able to secure the most favourable flights - rather than having to settle for your second choice or being forced to just pick up what has been left by others.


By its very nature, the travel industry operates on the basis of supply and demand - as can be seen by the fact that prices increase during the peak season of summer.

It’s also true that are seats are filled on planes and hotel rooms are taken, what is left can go up in price because there will be greater demand for the limited places that remain.

While it isn’t a guarantee that the cheapest prices will always be available, you can expect to see plenty of deals to celebrate holidays going on sale but these deals will invariably be time limited and there will be plenty of demand to snap them up.


It’s one thing looking for a deal on a holiday but actually paying for it is another - and that is another advantage of booking your 2021 summer break early.

Once you’ve paid the initial deposit, you’ll have a lot longer to then pay off the balance than if you were to wait until the same time next year before booking a break for the summer.

Spreading the cost over a longer period of time will not only make it easier to pay for your trip, but also to save up money for things like excursions whilst you are away - meaning you can have more fun on your holiday.

Get your holidays in

This one is particularly key if you work with a lot of people who are likely to want to go away at the same time of year - because not everyone can take the same week off work…

Get your holiday booked as early as possible and you’ll be able to secure the week off work that you need, rather than holding off and then having to work around others.


We don’t know about you, but there is a certain level of excitement that comes from knowing you have a holiday booked and something to look forward to.

You don’t have to have booked at the last minute for that to apply and you can still get excited about a holiday that is twelve months away - plus you’ll have longer to get everything you could possibly need when you go on holiday and check out everything that there is to see and do when you get there.

To book your 2021 summer holiday, get in touch with our experts today!