The Amalfi Coast is regarded as one of the most scenic stretches of the Italian coastline and is located on the Sorrento Peninsula.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the beauty of the landscapes, the Amalfi Coast welcomes thousands of tourists every year and is one of the best places on Italian soil to undertake a road trip.

One of the main selling points of the Amalfi Coast for a journey by road are the views that await from the roads that hug the sea cliffs.

These roads are spectacular in themselves as they wind their way alongside the clear blue waters off the coast, with the tight and twisty nature of the route making a journey along the Amalfi Coast region something of a challenge.

As well as the coastal views, a trip along the Amalfi Coast provides the chance to visit a number of small towns, each of which is home to various historical buildings that it is worth checking out.

They include the Cathedral of St Andrew in Amalfi itself, which is known for the tower that looks out across the scenic surroundings of the quaint seaside town, as well as the terraced gardens in Conca dei Marini, the Old Town of Maiori, the ruins of the Basilica of Sant'Eustachio in Scala and the whitewashed houses of Positano.

Whilst in the area, you’ll also want to sample the local Limoncello – although obviously not if you’re the person who is getting behind the wheel.

Following a trip along the Amalfi Coast, you can easily add in some time in Naples, which is little more than an hour away from Amalfi.

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