Many people who might be considering doing a road trip in the USA will look into the different options that exist for going coast-to-coast.

But that isn’t the only top quality road trip that is waiting for those who are heading Stateside on their annual holiday, with a trip up the West Coast in particular being one that is well worth looking into.

California State Route 1 runs for more than 1,000km along the Pacific Coast from Dana Point in Orange County right through to Fort Bragg in Mendocino County.

Featuring sections of the Pacific Coast Highway, SR1 is designated as an ‘All-American Road’, with sections of the route having been selected as amongst the scenic in the country.

It isn’t just the scenery that attracts people to SR1 however, although there are some stunning views that await those who hit the road to make the journey.

People chose to take SR1 because of the fact it takes them through some of the major cities in the USA, including Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as Santa Monica, Malibu and Santa Barbara.

You might even be able to add San Diego into the mix if you start or end your trip beyond the Southern tip of the road.

What that means is that a trip along SR1 opens up the chance to take in all manner of different sights, from the famous Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame to the Golden Gate Bridge, and from rolling hills and vineyards to rugged cliffs and open beaches where the surf laps against the sand.

It’s not a journey to take in a hurry but if you have a week or two in which to enjoy your road trip, then SR1 should feature high on your list…

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